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Anonymous: do you think you could post some of the old icons you've had of allison that you know you won't use again? :)

Yeah, I’ll see which ones I can publish. Tbh I’ve been making more Allison icons these days anyway and I’m going to update her tag on my icons page more often, so hopefully there isn’t any shortage of Allison icons. :)

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allydia + autumn colors for neatomagneato

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Anonymous: I love the smoothness of your gifs, do you sharpen the frames before colouring or after? Do you think it makes a difference?

Thank you! :) I always sharpen after resizing the screencaps and before colouring them. I’ve never tried it differently tbh but I think it’s always better to sharpen before.

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Star Wars + Planets

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Anonymous: hi! if you've got the time, could you please make some lydia icons from 4x09?

Hi! Yeah, I’m hoping to make and post some icons from the new episode tonight (or tomorrow in case I feel half-dead after work today).

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Anonymous: hii ily and all your edits are super gorgeous. i was wondering if you could make an allison centric gifset? maybe something colorful idk i just miss her a lot

Hi! Ohh thank you so much!<3 I was actually planning to make something Allison themed quite soon, perhaps this weekend. So I guess no promises about when exactly but I’m definitely going to make something! I miss her too and while I’m really enjoying season 4, rewatching older episodes reminds me how much her absence is still felt and probably always will be.

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Lydia, look at me. Don’t listen. Okay, don’t listen to it. Just focus on my voice, Lydia. Don’t listen to it, block it out. Okay?

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